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Student Council

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Our Vision

A vibrant community of respected leaders who lead with humility and serve with compassion.

Our Mission

To develop confident and compassionate leaders who are able to lead self and others in the service of their peers and community.

Our Motto

Leading with Humility, Serving with Compassion


Mr Lin Yuhui
Ms Lim Zi Xin
Ms Raechel Chee Jia’en

Student Council Executive Committee 2019-2020

President: Reyes Cheng
Vice-President: Chan Weng Huen
Head of Students’ Voices: Renee Faith Ang
Head of School Culture: Stephanie Mak
Head of Communications and Publicity: Wong Qian Xin

Our Leadership Developmental Framework

Student Councillors



Secondary 1

Junior Councillor

Self Leadership

(Learn to Serve)

A Potential Leader that exhibits leadership qualities through modelling the way by exhibiting CHRIST values in their daily deeds and word.

In their first year of secondary school life, it is a time where students are adapting to a new environment, discovering their strengths and figuring out their goals in life. By exposing them to Kouzes and Posners' 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership and taking on supportive roles in various Student Council’s activities, they would be able to embark on a journey of self discovery that helps them to clarify their values, recognise their strengths, gain confidence in their ability to serve, and appreciate the joy of serving others.

Secondary 2

Student Councillor

Peer Leadership

(Serve to Lead)

A Caring Leader that influences small groups of students and assists their peers to realise their potential.

In their second year, the Student Councillors have gained more understanding of themselves and what they are capable of. As such, on top of modelling the way, they are expected to reach out to their peers, provide them with the support that they need, and positively influence them. While still playing a secondary role in Student Council’s activities, they would be leading their circle of friends within their class or CCA, addressing their friends’ needs and helping them to achieve their goals.

Secondary 3

Senior Councillor

School Leadership

(Lead to Inspire)

A Concerned Leader that manages intra-school groups to organise school-wide activities to create a positive school culture.

In their third year, the Student Councillors will be taking over the helm of leading the Student Council and the student body. They are expected to lead and partner other student leaders such as the CCA leaders and the Class Committee members in addressing concerns of the student body and initiating plans to improve the school. They will also be organising events such as the Youth Day and Teachers’ Day celebrations. To achieve this, they have to learn to enable and empower others and inspire a shared vision among the different groups of student leaders.

Secondary 4

Senior Councillor

Community Leadership

(Lead to Inspire)

A Respected Leader that is concerned about the needs of the community and is able to collaborate with external parties to benefit others.

In their final year, the Student Councillors are now equipped with adequate skills and experience to lead the student body in caring and contributing beyond the school. They are expected to plan and carry out VIA projects to serve and help the community. Through serving the needy and underprivileged, they epitomise the Council’s motto of ‘Leading with Humility, Serving with Compassion’.

Major Events


Event Write-up and Photos


Secondary 1 Orientation Camp

The Orientation Camp serves to induct the new Secondary 1 students into AES and help them adapt quickly to secondary school life. Through organising this camp, our Student Councillors can learn to appreciate the value of service and leadership as they plan activities to meet the needs of the new students.


Student Council’s Presidential Election

The candidates will prepare campaign speeches to make known to the school their personal conviction to serve, lead and inspire. Through the preparation of their campaign speeches, the students will be able to reflect on their desire to serve and lead and how they can contribute positively to the school.


Student Leaders’ Dialogue with School Leaders

To provide a platform for students’ voices to be heard, the Student Council organises regular town hall meetings with school leaders for students to voice their suggestions and feedback so as to further enhance our students’ learning experience in AES.


Youth Day celebrations

Youth Day celebrations is organized every year to harness the immense energy of the youth to make a difference and raise awareness on issues related to the youth such as bullying and special educational needs etc.


Teachers’ Day celebrations

A yearly grand affair for students to show appreciation to their teachers and strengthen teacher-student relationships.