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Guidance and Counselling Unit

Mission Statement

Assumption English School is committed in ensuring the social, emotional, spiritual and moral well-being of all our students. To support this commitment, the Guidance and Counseling Unit provides well-defined and accessible counseling services.

The Guidance Unit

The Guidance Unit consist of School Counsellors, Allied Educator (AED) Learning and Behavioural Support (LBS), Student Welfare Officer (SWO), Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellor and Student Health Advisor (SHA).

School Counsellors help you to manage difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through individual counseling session or group work.

Student Welfare Officer provides social support to the students at-risk under their charge, which means working with their families and other community partners to address barriers to learning and strengthening the safety net for these students.

Our Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support) supports students with mild special educational needs by providing direct intervention through individual/small group intervention support.

Education and; Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellor provides education and career guidance through group or individual sessions with students. The session aims to help students explore their strengths and interests, in relation to their aspirations and guiding them in making informed decisions for their education and career pathways.

Student Health Advisor programme helps to establish, implement and maintain a targeted preventive health programme for children and youths in schools. It identifies major health issues e.g. smoking, obesity, chronic medical conditions and formulate plan for evidence-informed outreach and intervention. Health supportive culture and environment is promoted.

You can schedule an appointment by approaching form teacher or staff in general office for a referral. Alternatively, you can email us directly.

SC_Desmond Chen.JPG

Mr Desmond Chen

School Counsellor

Email: chen_bingcong_desmond@moe.edu.sg

Mdm Aisyah.jpg

Mdm Noor Aisyah Binte Mohamed

AED (Learning and Behavioural Support)

E-mail: noor_aisyah_mohamed@moe.edu.sg

Ms Michelle Mah.jpg

Ms Mah Wan Qing Michelle

Student Welfare Officer

Email: mah_wan_qing_michelle@moe.edu.sg

Ms Pang Fong Ing.jpg

Ms Pang Fong Ing

Education and Career Guidance Counsellor

E-mail:  pang_fong_ing@schools.gov.sg

Availability: Every Thursday

Booking of slots via www.go.gov.sg/aesecg

Ms Jasvin Sidhu.jpg

Ms Jasvinder Sidhu

Student Health Advisor

Email: Jasvinder_sidhu@certisgroup.com

Availability: Every Tuesday, Thursday and even week Fridays


Education and Career Guidance

MySkillsFuture (logo).png
MySkillsFuture (Secondary)

MySkillsFuture for students is a one-stop platform to help you better understand yourself, your interests and strengths. You can use relevant information and tools to explore different education and career pathways! This portal will help you identify career goals and make informed education and career choices.

Discover more about yourself, explore the different education and career pathways and start planning for your future!

Nanyang Polytechnic (logo).png
Ngee Ann Polytechnic (logo).png
Republic Polytechnic (logo).png
Singapore Polytechnic (logo).png
Temasek Polytechnic (logo).png

A polytechnic education gives you hands-on experience within a dynamic and progressive learning environment.

There are five polytechnics in Singapore, namely, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), Republic Polytechnic (RP), Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Temasek Polytechnic (TP). They offer a variety of courses in different fields which lead students to fulfilling careers, as well as preparing them for further studies.

Find out about admission exercises such as Early Admissions Exercise (EAE), Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE), Joint Polytechnic Admissions Exercise (JPAE) and Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) on this joint polytechnic portal.

Visit the respective polytechnic’s website for more information:
Nanyang Polytechnic – https://www.nyp.edu.sg
Ngee Ann Polytechnic – https://www.np.edu.sg
Republic Polytechnic – https://www.rp.edu.sg
Singapore Polytechnic – https://www.sp.edu.sg
Temasek Polytechnic – https://www.tp.edu.sg

Institute of Technical Education (logo).png

Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

An education from ITE provides graduates with good job and career advancement opportunities, as well as opportunities to go for further education and training.

Adopting a ‘One ITE System, Three Colleges’ Education Model, ITE is ready to provide exciting, high-quality, relevant and market-responsive learning for the global economy. ITE offers a wide range of courses from the Schools of Applied & Health Sciences, Business & Services, Design & Media, Electronics & Info-Comm Technology, Engineering and Hospitality.

Visit ITE Colleges website for more information.
ITE College Central - https://central.ite.edu.sg/
ITE College East - https://ce.ite.edu.sg/
ITE College West - http://west.ite.edu.sg/

Junior Colleges (JC)/ Centralised Institute (CI)

Pre-University Education prepares students for the GCE A Level examination at the end of the 2-year Junior College (JC) or 3-year Centralised Institute (CI) course.

GCE A Level curriculum prepare students by equipping them with the skills and knowledge required for universities or institutes of higher learning in Singapore and abroad.

Visit the MOE’s website and click on ‘Pre-University
Education’ for more information.

Links to JCs/MI:
Anderson Serangoon JC - https://asrjc.moe.edu.sg/
Anglo-Chinese JC - http://acjc.moe.edu.sg
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) - https://www.acsindep.moe.edu.sg
Catholic JC - http://cjc.moe.edu.sg
Dunman High School - https://dunmanhigh.moe.edu.sg
Hwa Chong Institution - http://www.hci.edu.sg
Jurong Pioneer JC - http://www.jpjc.moe.edu.sg
Millennia Institute - http://millenniainstitute.moe.edu.sg
Raffles Institution - http://www.ri.edu.sg/
River Valley High School - https://rivervalleyhigh.moe.edu.sg
St Andrew’s JC - http://standrewsjc.moe.edu.sg
St Joseph's Institution - http://www.sji.edu.sg
Tampines Meridian JC - http://tmjc.moe.edu.sg

Lasalle College of the Arts (logo).png
NAFA (logo).gif

YEAH (logo).jpg
LASALLE College of the Arts & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

LASALLE College of the Arts and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) are private institutions providing post-secondary education in the arts. Both LASALLE and NAFA offer publicly-funded diploma programmes. The institutions also receive government funding for select degree programmes offered in partnership with reputable overseas universities.

Refer to the following links for the lists of publicly-funded programmes for NAFA and LASALLE.

The Youth Employment & Advancement Hub (YEAH!) assists young job seekers (Singaporeans / Singapore Permanent Residents between 16 to 21 years old), who are not actively engaged in education, employment or training, by providing them with employment and advancement services.

Youth Engagement

What others youth (logo).jpg


Whatbothersyouth.sg is a website for young people looking for advice and information about youth-related issues.

There is also a directory of youth organisations that users can use to contact for more information relating to services / programmes provided.

Bully Free Campaign.png


Website provides resources on tackling school bullying which has been a long misunderstood and neglected societal problem. The website create awareness of the bullying issue through this campaign.

Family Justice Courts.jpg


Family Justice Courts website provides information on legal issues pertaining to youth and their family including divorce and related matters, family violence cases, adoption and guardianship cases, Youth Court cases,

Counselling Services and Helplines

Audible Hearts (logo).jpg


The Audible Hearts portal provides an alternative avenue for youths to seek help, especially when they are uncomfortable sharing their problems with family, friends or professional counselors. Audible Hearts is about lending a listening ear to these youths and exploring options with them. We hope to provide a personal service with a unique youth perspective for users.

SOS (logo).png


SOS provides a specialised counselling service, focussing on crisis intervention and suicide prevention. All counselling sessions are conducted by in-house counselors, psychologists and social workers. Counselling is also provided to family members and friends grieving a suicide death.

Pregnancy Crisis.jpg


Website provides support for girls going through pregnancy.

National Addictions Management Service (logo).png


NAMS provides counselling and psychoeducation programmes to increase knowledge and understanding of addiction.

Family Support Services

Com Care (logo).jpg


ComCare provides social assistance for low-income individuals and families. ComCare assistance is available at the Social Service Offices (SSO).

Ministry of Social and Family Development (logo).png


Family Service Centres (FSCs) are community-based focal point and social service provider for families in need.

FSCs are staffed with social workers and other professionals to provide a helping hand. Anyone, regardless of age, race, language or religion, can benefit from FSC services.

Health Promotion Board (logo).png

Understand your students’ mental

wellbeing and download classroom

strategies to build it


(For 6 to 12 years)


(For 13 to 17 years)

Understand your own mental wellbeing


(For adults)

Tobacco Control Programmes For Schools


Health Promoting Programmes for Secondary Schools and JCs