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GABRIEL Programme

In line with the ministry’s Guiding and Empowering Students for Affiliation and Resilience to Unlock their Potential (GEAR-UP) Programme, AES runs the Guiding And Building Resilience through Inclusive Education and Leadership (GABRIEL) Programme for selected Assumptionknights who will benefit from the programme.

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About GABRIEL Programme

The programme aims to engage students through a variety of activities and workshops. Students are assigned the most appropriate intervention programme, depending on their level of needs, identified by the Student Development Team.

In line with the Montfortian Education Charter, GABRIEL Programme targets to provide an Inclusive Education and with that in mind, focusses on the students’ strengths, and not the circumstances that they are in.
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GABRIEL Programme (June Holidays)


The school holidays period is usually the time for students and teachers to wind down, but what about those who wish to catch up on their studies during the holiday, but could not find a right place and right people to support their needs?

The GABRIEL Programme runs during the school holidays (June and December) and provides students who require academic support a conducive environment to reduce their learning gaps, and start the next semester as a more prepared Assumptionknight.

For students who want to continue to hang out with their peers during the holidays, there is no need to join the crowds at shopping malls. The After-School Engagement (ASE) Cabin is a space that they can use, with access to a wide range of entertainment equipment and facilities. Occasionally, games (e.g. Nerf Gun, Running Man, badminton, etc.) are also organised for the students during the holidays, to keep them engaged if they have no other plans.

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