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About Us

“Still your Mind, Crush a Mountain”

That is the motto for AES Judo Team. We are 50-member strong team, facilitated by 4 teachers-in-charge and mentored by Singapore Judo Federation (SJF) recognised coach, Mohamad, Faizal, Holder of First Dan (shodan (初段)).

AES Judokas train 2-3 times weekly, with grading certification conducted by the SJF completed four times each year. Each CCA training is focused on physical conditioning, training of the throw and break fall techniques, so that we may be more proficient in our sport in a safe manner.

Judo originated from Japan, and is now known around the world as an Olympic sport. It combines Jujitsu, a form of wrestling, with mental discipline. As a form of martial art, Judo can instill a sense of self-discipline and respect for others. As a sport, it develops faster reflexes, better body coordination and concentration.


Mrs Raine Yam-Seah (Teacher in-charge)
Ms Nadhirah
Miss Siti Mardia
Miss Tan Xin Yi

Student Leaders/Captains

Looi Ming Yi (‘C’ Division – Boys)
Cheong Shung Gar, Crystal (‘C’ Division – Girls)
Ong Cai Fu Alex (‘B’ Division – Boys)
Nur Izdihar Binte Zaini (‘B’ Division – Girls)


National School Games 2019
‘B’ Division
  • Nur Izdihar Binte Zaini (3/1), Top 8
  • Angel Wong Xue Ting (3/2), Top 8
  • Ong Cai Fu Alex (3/1), Top 8
  • James Wong Yu Heng (4/4), Top 8

‘C’ Divison
Team Third, ‘C’ Girls Team Event
  • Bose Navneeta (1/2), Silver
  • Chiara Geraldine Lee (2/4), Bronze
  • Crystal Cheong (2/1), Bronze
  • Isabel Tanit Tay (1/5), Bronze
  • Choi Zhou Rui, Jolin (1/1), Top 8
  • Lee Yan Ze, Ursus (1/2), Top 8
  • Looi Ming Yi (2/2), Top 8
  • Fan Chen Xi (2/1), Top 8

SA Judo Academy Kyu Grade Judo Championship 2019
  • Crystal Cheong (2/1), Gold
  • Ong Cai Fu Alex (3/1), Bronze
  • James Wong Yu Heng (4/4), Bronze
SJF Junior and Cadet Championship
  • Crystal Cheong (2/1), Gold
  • Radhiah Binte Abdul Razak (3/1), Gold
  • Nur Izdihar Binte Zaini (3/1), Silver
  • Ong Cai Fu Alex (3/1), Bronze
  • James Wong Yu Heng (4/4), Bronze

In addition, our Judokas have achieved recognition through 4 Sportsmanship Awards issued by the Singapore Schools Sports Council (2019).