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Football (Boys)


Football is the most popular game in the world. Wherever you go, there will be groups of kids, men and women, having a kick-about session with their friends. However, to be a good footballer, one must have perseverance, passion and good thinking skills. And of course, arrays of technical skills and game strategies are equally important.

The AES Football team shall continue to strive for excellence and mould the character of our AssumptionKnights. Our training programme are crafted to achieve the following objectives:
  • To enable students to understand and apply the basic rules of soccer
  • To enable students to learn and apply skills in playing soccer
  • To enable students to learn sportsmanship and values of commitment, responsibility and teamwork

CCA Teachers:

Mr Nor Mohammad (OIC)
Mr Chan Keng Kok (2IC)
Mr Dennis Wang
Mr Leet Tagore
Mr Donald Wan

CCA Coach:

Mr Philippe Aw Thiam Hor
    • Singapore professional football coach
    • Former player for Home United
    • Former youth coach of Home United
    • Former head coach of Hougang United
    • FAS U15 coach

CCA Captain:

Alen Thomas


National School Games SSC Football Championships

    • 2015 'B' Division Boys (4th Place in West Zone)
    • 2017 'B' Division Boys (2nd Round: Zonal League)
    • 2019 ‘B’ Division Boys (3rd Place in League 5)
    • 2019 ‘C’ Division Boys (2nd Round in League 4)
    • 2020 ‘B’ Division Boys (Qualified in League 3)
National Schools Football Championships
    • 2015 'B' Division Boys (TOP 16)
Senja-Cashew CC Football Tournament
    • 2016 4th Place
St Gabriel Football Competition
    • 2018 2nd Place
    • 2019 2nd Round
FAS Futsal U14
    • 2018 2nd Round