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Floorball (Boys)

About Us

Adrenaline rush!

These are just some words to describe about Floorball, an indoor hockey game that has drawn the attention of many youths despite being a relatively new sport.

It is no surprise why Floorball is so popular amongst youths. Simply, it is a sport that is easy for anyone to pick up and play. The game is played at a fast-paced with lots of actions and thrills for both players and audience. It is a safe and versatile sport, which requires only lightweight plastic sticks and ball played at any open space, indoors or outdoors.

AES is one of the pioneers in bringing Floorball into Secondary Schools. AES Floorball is an all-boys team since 2017 with the ultimate aim of winning the National Schools Floorball Championships. If you are looking for a fast-paced sport with lots of skills to develop you as a sportsperson and forge lasting friendships with your team mates, Floorball is the CCA for you!


To develop floorballers in character, leadership and sportsmanship through holistic programmes.


Mr Shajan (Coach)
Ms Cryst Tan
Ms Azra 
Mr Sadik

Student Leaders/ Captains:

B Division: 
Xavier Chong En Qi (Captain) 
Alexander Galistan Hector Siraphop (Vice-Captain) 
C Division:
Julian Huan (Captain) 
Gerald Phua (Vice-Captain)




2018 ActiveSG-Singapore Floorball Association Plate & Bowl Tournament (Bronze Medal)