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Dance Ensemble

About Us

AES Dance Ensemble (AESDE) is a team of dynamic individuals brought together by our love for dance. We value attitude above aptitude and train hard to be better at what we do. We mainly focus on Contemporary and Hip Hop techniques but dabble in other genres too. Do you share our love for dance? Join us to dance and express yourselves through movement. AESDE believes in providing opportunities for all! 

In AESDE, we work as a team and rely on each other’s strengths and pull each other up. Our instructors are one of our inspirations. They are firm yet nurturing when it comes to developing us as dancers. Dance is definitely a welcoming and enjoyable CCA, where you will learn perseverance, determination and teamwork. We believe that it is okay to make mistakes, but we must learn from them. We don’t judge; we help. Together, we strive for excellence with the motto: “Don’t just dance, move the world“.

Our Pledge

We, AES Dance Ensemble, promise to do our best 
Always more and never less
100% to the last 
Now better than the past.


Ms Meera
Ms Shereen Ling
Ms Tham Jian Yun


STEP Studio
Ms Stephanie Loh
Mr Deo Amarawi

AESDE Executive Committee

Jilleana Sophea

Admin VP:
Kezia Jungle

Discipline VP:
Cinta Melissa

Logistics VP:
Teo He Ping

Welfare VP:
Yap Shervon