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Concert Band

About Us

The AES Concert Band believes in giving students the opportunity to learn, perform and showcase their music talent. It also allows them to experience a holistic education with special emphasis in the development of their character and leadership qualities.


Ms Chan Zhi Jia Valerie
Mr Foo Kok Jame
Miss Elise Eng Li Kiang

Student Leaders

YORI CHIA YI – Drum Major


    1.  SYF – Commendation
    2. Drum Major Camp by MOE AEB (Jeremy Kho Wei Ren – Drum Major 2018/2019) 
    3. Combined Music CCA leadership CAMP by MOE AEB (Tan Poh Ming Noel – Drum Major 2019/2020)
    4. Presentation at Festival Winds 2018 by BDAS (8 selected band members) 
    1. SYF – Commendation
    2. Show Band Camp by MOE AEB at St Patrick’s School (4 selected band leaders)
    3. Presentation at Festival Winds 2019 by BDAS (19th to 23rd Dec) 
    1. Internal school performance: Mother Tongue Fortnight Celebrations for Chinese New Year
    2. Combined Music CCA leadership CAMP by MOE AEB (Yori Chia Yi – Drum Major 2020/2021) 

Reflection from two seniors:

TAN POH MING NOEL 4/1 (2020):

I joined the Concert Band in February of 2017. I learnt from Mr. Joseph to be resilient and I persevered in my playing as a trumpet solo. When I first joined band, I was slightly disappointed as I was a sports person from primary school, interested in floorball or basketball. In the end, the concert band CCA was an experience full of joy that I will never forget - from picking up the trumpet and playing in a performance in the span of 6 months to playing twice on the biggest stage in Singapore at the Esplanade, including the friendships and bonds I have made with my band members and the band members from other schools. 

SYF was a tough and grueling experience as we had to practise the same song over and over and over again. However, in the end, it was well worth the effort because the band sounded pretty good during our performance. Although there were numerous mistakes in our two pieces that we played, the effort we put in together was evident and it could definitely be heard, compared to the quality of the music when we first got our hands on the music piece. 

Being a Drum Major was definitely also an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the teachers, they signed me up for a Drum Major course where I got to learn the core values of being a leader and a drum major for the band. I learnt how to throw the mace about two stories high and catch it and how to spin the mace effectively. It was definitely one of my favourite experiences in band with all the friends I have made during that experience.


I first joined the Concert Band in 2017. I was excited to learn new things. In 2019, even though our Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) did not attain the highest honor for our participation in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), I still gained good experience from the competition with the different schools. As for the new conductor, Mr. Joseph, I feel that he is strict, which is a good gauge for keeping up with ground rules. Overall, my experience in the band as a CCA has been a great and exhilarating one. I would like to thank all the teachers in charge and my bandmates for their support.

MERCY ARATHANA 4/1 (2019):

I joined AES Band in secondary 2, 2017. On my first day, it was hard trying out many instruments such as the saxophone and French horn because I did not have any background of a brass band. In the end, I chose the Euphonium. During my first few months in AES band, Mrs. Goh, our then Band tutor, taught me the basics of playing the Euphonium. Though I was stumbling quite a lot, making mistakes every now and then, she helped me. When I joined the main band after months of basic learning, I was nervous at first, scared of making mistakes but my peers supported me. Mr. Rasull, our main band conductor is the most patient and kind conductor. Whenever I made mistakes playing the Euphonium, he would show me the way.

Mr. Rasull shares his experiences regularly. Sometimes it could be something hilarious, which encouraged me in band. The band teachers gave me opportunities to participate in band exchanges and day camps which further strengthened my ability and confidence to showcase my musical skills. The most memorable experience I had was the 2019 SYF performance as I learnt to work alongside each other as a team and never give up despite the tough challenges of perfecting our musicality skills. To me, receiving the awards didn’t matter but the bond amongst the members increased from strength to strength.  As my journey in AES band comes to an end, I would like to thank my teachers, peers and conductor and tutors for all the support and wonderful memories I had and for not giving up on me. I would like to tell my juniors to stay strong and face challenges together as a band in AES.