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Green Club

Teachers IC

Mrs Ong Hsia Li 


Empower members with knowledge and skills relating to the environmental issues facing our world.

The club aims to:
  1. Provide members with opportunities to be involved in the community and environmental conservation programmes.
  2. Educate members about the importance of biodiversity and our role and responsibilities in environmental conservation through Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (4Rs) initiatives.
  3. Energize members about taking care of our environment and green space and be the ambassadors of environmental causes as well as championing the sustainability effort.

The club leaders for 2019 are as follows:










Members are actively involved in taking care and improving green spaces in the school. Our main focus areas are the Butterfly Biodiversity Garden and the Edible Garden. We take pride in ensuring the two spaces are well taken care of. Members are given opportunities to be in touch with the latest green initiatives and we have embarked upon doing in-house composting from all the garden trimmings. The compost created are used to nourish our plots of land.

Another pride and joy of the club is the Hydroponics System that saw bountiful harvests each year. Members will learn the important lessons of being patient as well as to persevere in the mundane tasks of monitoring and tending to the plants. The club continues to share the delicious edibles with the school community.

Green Club members also took part actively in various activities, competitions and quizzes organized by the community throughout 2019. Three groups of the Green Club members participated in the terrarium-making competition organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and one group emerged as first runner-up for their effort and creativity. Other competitions such as Ignite by ITE East and the Environment Quiz at Nan Hua Primary School were valuable experiences for the members to grow and develop as active environmental ambassadors. Some senior members were also involved in a series of Biodiversity Trail workshops conducted by NParks that provided them with opportunities to familiarise themselves with local plants and animals.

Another highlight of the year was the leadership training programme that all members went through as part of the school’s LLP. The members were encouraged to reflect on their own commitment and potential as the school’s green warriors and advocate for environmental causes.

We hope to continue championing recycled arts in the school by setting up art and craft booths to allow other students opportunities to experience the joy of upcycling. The members learn to be confident to teach our fellow schoolmates how to make keychains and marbled paper etc. The message is to encourage students to think about our shared responsibility in saving the earth while enjoying the creative process.

Indeed, every year is a busy and eventful year for the members and we always look forward to more opportunities to learn about our world and spread our love for the environment to the others.