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Aesthetics Education


To provide students with a platform for freedom of expression.

To provide a platform for students to showcase their hidden talents.

To encourage students to become confident individuals through the arts.

To promote creative and critical thinking.

To experience at least one art form per year, so as to have a deeper understanding of different art forms.

To develop awareness of the arts from different cultures in various arts forms, as well as the role of arts in daily living.

To develop appreciation for the various arts forms.

Aesthetic Education Three-Tier Approach.PNG

Aesthetics Appreciation

The first tier of the approach focuses on aesthetics appreciation for the students. It aims to expose all students to various art forms through assembly programmes. Through these learning opportunities, students learn to appreciate different art forms and music genres, and how they represent and convey cultural identities.

Aesthetics Experience

The second tier of the approach focuses on the hands-on aesthetics experience for the students. Other than learning to appreciate different art forms, the school believes that experiential learning for the arts is also very important. Students usually go through one day of post-exam activity at the end of the year doing craft work or painting activities. These activities are not only fun and engaging for students, they also offer students a chance to experience something that they usually get to experience outside of school.

Paintings by the students.jpgPaintings by the students
Crafts by the students-1.jpgCrafts by the students
Crafts by the students-2.jpgCrafts by the students
Crafts by the students-3.jpgCrafts by the students

Aesthetics Showcase

The last tier of the approach focuses on showcasing students’ talents. This aims to provide school and external platforms for students and the performing arts CCA groups to develop their artistic skills and showcase their talents, thus contributing to a vibrant arts culture in school and the community.

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Dance-1.jpg Dance-2.jpg

Band-1.jpg Band-2.jpg