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Dear Parents / Guardians,

Parent's Login on ASKnLearn Mobile App

As part of the school's effort to increase communications between the school and parents about
your child's progress and school programmes, we have put in place a structured communication
system that updates parents with useful information in a timely manner.

The Parents' Portal gives you, the parent, an opportunity to understand and be involved in your
child's activities in school. It allows the school to send announcements to parents to keep them upto-
date on the latest important updates and happenings in the school.

Kindly note that you are now able to login to the Parents' Portal App to access some of the features
available for parents. The ASKnLearn Mobile App provides you access to:
1) notifications on your child's daily attendance, and
2) school announcements with notifications & comments from the teachers on academic or CCA


You can also access the Portal via the LMS website.

All student information is delivered securely and can only be viewed using your child's ID (your
child's Birth Cert No./FIN No.) and unique password.

Once you have logged in to the Parents' Portal App, do click on the button "I have read this
notification" to acknowledge that you have read the message.

Please feel free to contact Mr Tang Kok Bin (email: tang_kok_bin@moe.edu.sg) at 65729136 if you
have any queries.