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School Locker Rental


Locker rental service is provided by Kaichi Spacemaster Pte Ltd.  Limited lockers are available to students by academic year.


Locker Type        Dimension                                                          Academic year                  Renewal

Small                   30.5cmH x 30.5cmW x 45.5cmD                                  $28                             $26

Medium               45.5cmH x 30.5cmW x 45.5cmD                                  $58                             $56


Interested applications are to apply online or fill in the application form.


Online application

Visit website www.rent-a-locker.com and pay online.


Application form

Fill up the application form and enclose a cheque / money order.  Mail them to Kaichi Spacemasters Pte Ltd.

Download Application Form from the right sidebar


Also download the instructions for the rental of locker from the right sidebar.