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Physical Education (PE)


In AES, our students P.L.A.Y. during PE. The department aims to cultivate Assumptionknights in “P.L.A.Y. – Purposeful Living Active lifestYle” so as to educate them in pursuing a purposeful and physically active lifestyle through active participation in sports and games.

The PE curriculum plays an important role in the physical growth and development of our students. PE provides the opportunity for our students to participate in a wide range of sports and games and a natural platform to instil positive values of teamwork, respect, perseverance and integrity as well as social emotional competencies skills in them.

Apart from learning different sports and games, students acquire knowledge and skills in orienteering, outdoor cooking and camp craft through the Outdoor Education (OE) module. Through OE, our students develop an attitude of care and appreciation for the outdoor and environment. All Secondary 3 students are given the opportunity to participate and experience the MOE-Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) Challenge programme. The programme helps in developing the strengths in our students to overcome challenges in the outdoors and acquire life skills such as resilience and ruggedness.


To develop “P.L.A.Y.” in Assumptionknights, the following sports events were organised:

Sports Day 2019

Our Sports Day 2019 was successfully concluded on 18 Apr (Thu) at the Bukit Gombak Stadium. Our Assumptionknights gathered at the stadium to compete in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay events. The highlights of the day were the class mixed relay and staff race. The 400m class relay helped to foster greater teacher-student relationship through competing in a relay event. The Staff race saw all staff taking on positions on the track as competitors to compete against our Alumni, EXCO and teachers from the various levels.

Assumptionknights Challenge 2019

Our 1st Assumptionknight Challenge (AKC) aka Spartan Race was successfully held on 8 Aug (Thu) as part of AES National Day celebrations 2019. The AKC is a 600m obstacles course where Assumptionknights are out through a physical challenge through a 300m run followed by a series of obstacles: climbing over barricades, plank travellator, hopping over mini hurdles, push-up, sand-bell slam, burpees, farmer’s walk, leopard crawl, tyre hop, bear crawl, and balance beam walk. Our Assumptionknights and teachers overcame the challenge through their resilience and perseverance showed at the AKC 2019.

The winners of AKC in the various levels are as follows:




Sec. 1

Reuben Chan Yui Bun (Sec. 1/5)

Zoe Chai Jia Yu (Sec. 1/6)

Sec. 2

Ng Jia Le (Sec. 2/4)

Kaela Lim - Tan Jia En (Sec. 2/2)

Sec. 3

Nikolas, Chong Ri Long (Sec. 3/4)

Natalie Elizabeth Natalaray (Sec. 3/2)

Sec. 4

Benjamin Lee Kang Rui (Sec. 4/3)

Chloe Chia Yu Jia (Sec. 4/2)

Inter Class Games
As part of the post exams activities, all students had the opportunity to represent their class to compete with their peers at the level inter-class games such as: Captain Ball, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Netball and Water Soccer.

AES 5-min Challenge Run
In an effort to develop the physical fitness and stamina in our students, the 5-min Challenge Run was initiated in Semester 2 of 2019 through a level morning run within our Boys’ Town campus on every Friday’s morning.

Moving forward, the PE department will continue to motivate and inspire Assumptionknights to “P.L.A.Y.” – educating them towards living a purposeful and physically active lifestyle through sports.


West 6 Cluster Schools Games 2019

The cluster W6 Schools Games 2019 was held on 19 Aug (Mon) at the PSOEB (Evans Road) to provide opportunity for our lower secondary non-school team players to represent our school in Basketball, Football and Ultimate. Training and selection trials were conducted for these students prior to the actual competition.

Results of AES @ W6 Cluster Schools Games 2019



3v3 Basketball (Girls)


3v3 Basketball (Boys)


5v5 Football (Girls)


5v5 Football (Boys)


5v5 Ultimate (Girls)


5v5 Ultimate (Boys)


W6 Cluster Schools Games 2019_Team AES.JPG