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Mother Tongue Languages

MTL Department Objectives:
To develop students who are confident and proficient users of their Mother Tongue Language, who appreciate the value of learning the language and knowing about our Asian culture and heritage.

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1) MTL Fortnight Learning Immersive Trails (L.I.T) Programme

To seed the interest in learning the Mother Tongue Language in our Assumptionknights, the MTL Fortnight L.I.T Programme was conceptualised to be carried out together with the annual MTL Fortnight programme. The aim of the programme is to deepen the learning of language skills and appreciation for our Asian cultural heritage taught in the classroom through real world experiential learning. The language skills learnt are transferable and applicable not only to the curriculum but also help them to connect to the real world.




Learning (in and beyond the classroom)


Immersive (connecting to real world experiences)


Trails (spiral learning journeys)

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2) MTL Cultural Bites Series

The Cultural Bites Series is a string of just-in-time, bite sized sharings of the beliefs and significance of the different ethnic and religious communities in the school either through morning assembly sharings, the aes_manna on Instagram or hands on workshops. Through meaningful sharings, Assumptionknights gain deeper understanding and respect for one another, regardless of their religion and ethnicity, to come together as one Assumption family.

3) MTL Stretch Programme

To stretch the potential of Assumptionknights who show a deep interest in learning the MTL language and culture, the following platforms are provided to create exposure to the MTL language, cultural and literature scene outside of the school:

Chinese Language : Author-in-Residence Programme & Secondary 2 Express CL Stretch Programme
Malay Language : Rakan Bahasa Experience

Selected students are also given the opportunity to compete in nation-wide MTL language competitions.

Mother Tongue Fortnight 2019

A series of exciting activities are planned and carried out yearly for our Assumptionknights. In the 2 weeks, Assumptionknights either visited various cultural heritage sites or attended interactive enrichment workshops and used their new knowledge and experience to apply the language skills learnt concurrently in the classroom to their performance task assessment assignments.

One of the 2 highlights this year was the ‘Share Our Joy’ Chinese New Year Hamper Values-in-Action activity where, in their individual classes, our compassionate and generous Assumptionknights donated and created their own handmade food hampers and appreciation gift bags that were presented to the underpriveleged housholds in Senja-Cashew and to our own school cleaners and OSOs.

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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Celebration 2019

The 2 weeks programme culminated in the Mother Tongue Fortnight Week Celebration. For the first time this year, the school started the celebration with a mass Lo-Hei! It was a truly joyous occasion where everyone partook in the tossing of the yusheng to wish everyone a prosperous year ahead. This special feast was followed by our annual concert where both students and staff had the opportunity to showcase their talents in the concert performances.

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MTL Cultural Bites Series

This year, a Kuih-Muih Making Workshop was organised for our secondary 1 to 3 Assumptionknight as part of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration. They made delicious ondeh-ondeh and badak berendam and got to bring the traditional Malay desserts home to share with their family and friends!

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This year, our Secondary 3 and 4 Higher Chinese Language Students participated in the National Chinese Challenge organised by SPH and Nanyang Girls High School.

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2 of our Secondary 3 students, Nur Rabiatul Adawiyah Binte Mohammad Baharin (3/2) and Siti Ummairiah Binte Ridzwan (3/3) were appointed as the Rakan Bahasa for AES this year. They had the opportunity to train and serve as museum guides at the Asian Civilisations Museum during the launch of the Malay Language month on 7 September 2019.

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