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We believe in imbuing students with an appreciation of mathematics and help them see the relevance of mathematics in their daily lives.

Our signature programme gives students opportunities to go through a mathematical modelling process to build creative and collaborative skills. Students have to work in teams to solve authentic real-world problems or do experiments to obtain empirical data.

Secondary 1 students design and fly their kites to see whose kite stays in the air for the longest time while Secondary 2 students plan how to tile and renovate their bedroom (of a 5-room HDB flat) on a given budget.


Student-centricity features strongly in our daily lessons; there are learning experiences to better engage students and enhance their mathematical concept development.

Lesson-1 cubic metre (solving).jpg
Lesson-1 cubic metre.jpg

How many 1-cubic centimetres cubes make up 1 cubic metre? Let’s find out!

Lesson-surf area of sphere2.jpg
Lesson-surf area of sphere1.jpg

What is the surface area of a sphere?

Lesson-find vol of marble.jpg

Using a pair of vernier calipers to find the diameter of a marble so as to find its volume.

Lesson-probability game.jpg
Learning Probability using Games

There is also regular and timed practice to develop computational, estimation, reasoning and algebraic manipulation skills and weekly Booster Programmes to support lower progress students from Secondary 1 to 4.

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There are external competitions to stretch the more mathematically-inclined students. 

All Spore Maths Comp-Lower Sec NA NT.jpg
Lower N(A) and N(T) team: QUIZON CHRIS GERARD of Sec 2/3, WOON RUO QI of Sec 2/5,  KEZIA JUNGLE GAN SHANEN of Sec 2/4, WONGPITAKROJ WUTTIWAT of Sec 2/4 and NICHOLAS GOH of Sec 2/5

All Spore Maths Comp-Upper Sec NA1.jpg

Upper Sec N(A) team: LI NIANLUN, WONG GAO JIE IRENE of Sec 3/4 and SOH YUEN KAI of Sec 3/3

Upper Sec N(T) team: ANJO CRAL LEE, HAN SHUJIE and WONG YEE XIN of Sec 3/5. YEE XIN came in at the 15th position out of all the Upper Secondary  N(T) students who participated.    

The Mathematics Department collaborates with the Science Department to organise school-based competitions to promote interest in mathematics.

Learning Fest 2 - What do numbers mean.png

What do these numbers mean?

Learning Fest 1 - Getting close.png

Getting close....
Learning Fest 5 - How do all these add up.png

How do all these add up?

Learning Fest 6 - I think we have got it.png

I think we've got it....