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The Humanities Department in AES aims to bring about REAL and RELEVANT experiences to the classrooms. Our belief is that Humanities is all around us and nothing beats using authentic scenarios to help our learners keep up-to-date with current news through the learning of Social Studies; understand the impact of human actions to our environment through the learning of Geography; and appreciate the effects of past events to our current lives through the learning of History. Lessons and the various projects done in class are designed using the Inquiry Model, allowing students to take on the hats of Geographers, Historians and keen learners of Social Studies.

We aim to make use of technology to bring the world closer to the learners and to use it meaningfully to bring about student-centricity in the learning of the Humanities discipline.

Learning of Humanities in AES

Lower Secondary Geographical Investigation
Using the Inquiry Model, students collected data through fieldwork investigation to verify the inquiry questions posed to them.

The Secondary One students went to Dairy Farm Nature Park to conduct their fieldwork investigation on the impacts of human activities on rainforests.

The Secondary Two students went to Clementi and Yuhua housing estates to find out if the presence of shophouses and nearby amenities contribute to the residents’ sense of belonging to the respective neighbourhoods.



Lower Secondary Historical Investigation

Using the Inquiry Model, students reviewed and collected artefacts through field trips to the museum to answer the inquiry questions posed.

The Secondary One students took a trip to the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) to see for themselves what life was like in Singapore before 1942. The students collected relevant artefacts using iPads through an app designed by the NMS.

The Secondary Two students investigated on what life was like during the Japanese Occupation at the Ford Factory. Back in school, students went through a simulated experience designed by the teachers, allowing them to empathise with the people who were living during the Japanese Occupation.

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Upper Secondary Humanities

The Upper Secondary Humanities focused on getting students to deepen their knowledge on the impact of the weather in their environment in Geography, empathise with the different groups of people who lived during Hitler’s rule in History and also to evaluate if the lower income groups have sufficient support in Social Studies.

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Social Studies

Students learn about national identity, living in a diverse society, financial literacy and caring for society. They apply what they learn through various performance tasks, exhibiting their creativity.

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