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Applied Learning Programme

English Language and Literature Programme

To develop students’ competency in the English Language, cultivating a life-long habit of reading and the ability to communicate proficiency and confidently such that they not only become confident users of the language but also show appreciation and love for it.

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The department runs the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) titled SPeak English with Grace and Knowledge (SPEAK). Established in 2015, the SPEAK programme aims to develop confident and eloquent communicators who can articulate their thoughts and opinions well.


SPEAK Tier 1

Tier 1 programmes are for ALL students. They are integrated into the English Language Curriculum with clear learning outcomes for each level.

Secondary 1: SPEAK Accurately
Secondary One students learn to pronounce and articulate clearly through a series of learning tasks. They record voice-overs for the narrator and characters of their book trailer projects. Click on the following videos to watch their projects!

Secondary 2: SPEAK Confidently

Secondary Two students take on roles as news anchors and reporters to produce newscasts, gaining confidence in the process of rehearsing and filming. View their work by clicking on the following videos!

At this level, all students are also given the opportunity to read the news to the entire student body, sharing their opinions on current affairs.

Secondary 3: SPEAK Persuasively
Secondary Three students become convincing advocates for a variety of issues. They raise awareness for their selected campaigns and persuade their peers to support them in their cause.

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SPEAK Tier 2

Tier 2 programmes are aimed at developing students’ talent and passion in speaking.

Poetry Showdown
Lower secondary Assumptionknights prove their mettle as poets and performers when they craft and present their poems at this annual event.

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The theme for 2019’s Poetry Showdown was “My Hero”.

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The winning poem “The Mighty Mrs Lum” was presented by poet, Aegon Tan, and his team from Class 1/1.

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Inter-Class Debate Championships
Year after year, upper secondary Assumptionknights pit their wit and eloquence against one another on a variety of topics.

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In 2019, Team 4/4 (Opposition) emerged champions after presenting compelling views on the motion “This House would abolish the racial quotas for HDBs.”

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Emcee Development Programme
Assumptionknights in Tier 2 are given opportunities to host various school events and functions.

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In 2019, Ms Vernetta Lopez, an alumni of the school, hosted the inaugural Emcee Development Workshop. She provided our budding emcees with useful tips on speaking and presenting to a live audience!

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External Competitions
Selected Assumptionknights represent the school in external competitions. These include oratorical contests such as the ACJC Orator’s Trophy and the YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards, as well as the National Schools Literature Festival.

Two Assumptionknights were semi-finalists at the 32nd YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards 2018. Watch their speeches here!