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Student Council


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Mr Gary Ong Thiam Heng

Ms Atikah Saad
Ms Eunice Khoo Hui En
 Ms Lim Zi Xin
 Mr Lin Yuhui

Ayu Permata Halim Mendoza

Vision of the Council

Confident Leaders who are able to take the lead in the service of their peers and community.

Motto of the Council

To Serve with Pride.
To Lead with Confidence.

To Inspire to Impact Lives.

Leadership Framework

Year 1: A Potential Leader (Self-Leadership)

Exhibiting leadership through their own ways by exhibiting CHRIST Values.



Year 2: A Caring Leader (Peer Leadership)

Influencing small groups of students, assisting their peers to realize their potential.


Year 3: A Responsible Leader (School Leadership)

Managing intra-school groups to organize school -wide activities. 


Year 4: A Respected Leader (Community Leadership)

Working with various stakeholders, namely teachers and parents

and representing the school to engage the greater community.


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The Student Council is a student-led organisation whose mission is to nurture confident leaders who are able to take the lead in the service of their peers and community.

Besides providing support to school programmes, our student councillors are actively involved in organising school-wide events so as to create a vibrant and meaningful learning experiences for all Assumptionites. They also strive to build a strong identity among Assumptionites through initiatives such as The People of AES featuring inspiring stories of students and staff and AES Friends Day, where Assumptionites show appreciation to their friendship with one another.

Numerous training platforms and opportunities are provided to our student councillors to hone their leadership skills. Our student councillors also interact with other student leaders from other schools in events such as the Student Leaders Convention, Y.LEAD Seminar, Youth Assembly and among many others. Through these experiences, not only do our student councillors build essential leaderships skills, they forge life-long friendships with one another.

The experience of leading the school by example and through service is an opportunity like no other – it is one that builds in our students the skills, values, knowledge and attitude of the leaders of tomorrow.

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To know more about us, do visit the Council's website:



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