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Guidance and Counselling Unit

Mission Statement

Assumption English School is committed in ensuring the social, emotional, spiritual and moral well-being of all our students. To support this commitment, the Guidance and Counseling Unit provides well-defined and accessible counseling services.

School Counsellor,AED (Learning and Behavioural Support), Student Welfare Officer and Student Health Advisor

We help you to manage difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through individual counseling session or group work.

Student Welfare Officer provides social support to the students at-risk under their charge, which means working with their families and other community partners to address barriers to learning and strengthening the safety net for these students.

Student Health Advisor provides a critical supporting role in our students’ health and nutritional needs.

You can schedule an appointment by approaching form teacher or staff in general office for a referral. Alternatively, you can email us directly.

SC_Desmond Chen.JPG

Mr Desmond Chen

School Counsellor



Mr Mohammed Iqbal

AED (Learning and Behavioural Support



Miss Mah Wan Qing Michelle

Student Welfare Officer


Madam Norhayati

Student Health Advisor

Email: norhayati@omegacams.com.sg