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After School Engagement

Fancy a game of Nerf War after school? Or perhaps, a place to hang out with your classmates over a game of pool or Foosball?


The Assumption Cabin is a safe haven in school for Assumptionites to let their hair down after a long day of 

lessons, and to build meaningful relationships with their peers. This Cabin is designed to provide a cosy 

ambience for those who just wish to hang out after school. There is a good range of games to cater to 

every student’s preference ― Xbox, Nerf guns, board games. 


Every year, a group of students are identified to become Cabin Leaders, where they develop leadership skills

and social emotional competencies through the Cabin Leaders’ Programme. The identified student leaders

undergo training to equip themselves with necessary management and facilitation skills. They will oversee

the general running of the Cabins and supervise the visiting students to ensure proper and fair use. The

Cabin Leaders, under the guidance of teachers, will also take charge in the planning and running of

engagement activities for the school population, such as the Nerf War Championship for the student population.