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Student Development

The Co-Curriculum in Assumption English School


The school’s co-curriculum complements its academic curriculum and aims to provide a holistic education to Assumptionites that develops them in the moral, social-emotional, aesthetic, citizenship and spiritual domains.


The co-curriculum is planned to equip Assumptionites with the social-emotional competencies to manage the challenges they face as adolescents, build a sense of identity of self, with the community, country and the world, enable them to discover and pursue their passions and talents and develop a spiritual orientation in life that guides them to love one another and respect differences. This ensures they receive a balanced education that provides experiences for them to develop character and citizenship knowledge and skills that they need for learning in school and for life.

Key programmes of the school’s co-curriculum are as follows:


Co-Curricular Activities


Montfortian Achievers’ Programme


Internationalisation Experiences


Student Leadership Programme


Aesthetics Education



Catholic Activities