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Physical Education (PE)


Cultured Men and Women leading Healthy Lifestyles


To create a vibrant environment to enhance the holistic well-being of all Assumptionites

The PE Curriculum

The Physical Education (PE) curriculum plays an important role in the physical growth and development of students. PE not only provides the opportunity for our students to participate in a wide variety of physical activities but also provides a natural platform to instill positive values (Eg. teamwork, fair play, respect, perseverance and integrity) and social emotional competencies skills in students. 

In line with the Ministry of Education (MOE) PE curriculum 2014 guidelines, AES PE curriculum aims to achieve in

every student to be able to:

1.       Understand the importance and benefits of physical activity

2.       Enjoy and actively participates in a variety of physical activities

3.       Demonstrate the positive spirit of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play

4.       Develop and maintain an active healthy lifestyle

5.       Participate in physical activity in a safe manner

The PE curriculum in AES consists of 3 main components:

1.       Physical Activities (PA)
– Badminton, Basketball, Floorball, Football, Softball, Track & Field & Volleyball
2.       Physical Health and Fitness (PHF)
– FITT Principles, Fitness & Health and weights training
3.       Outdoor Education (OE)
– Orienteering (Map reading, Pacing, Navigation, Risk Assessment),                              Outdoor Cooking & Tent Pitching 


The new PE curriculum has been in place since 2014 and it consists of 3 main components:


              1. Physical Health and Fitness (PHF) – FITT concept, NAPFA training and testing

              2. Outdoor Education (OE) – Navigation, orienteering, map reading, pacing, risk assessment, etc.

              3. Physical Activities (PA) – Basketball, Floorball, Football, Badminton, Softball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Sports Education Module

Inter-class Games

To complement the learning of the Physical Activities (PA) modules in PE, inter-class games are organised to provide students the opportunity to apply the skills and games concepts taught in PE to a competition setting. 

Major Sports Events

Annual School Cross Country Championships (Term 1)

Annual School Track & Field Championships (Term 2)

Inter-class Games (Post Exams period)