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Mother Tongue Languages


To develop students to become confident and proficient users of their Mother Tongue Language and who appreciates the relevance of their Asian culture and values in their daily lives.

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight Programme

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Programme is an exciting and eye-opening 2 week programme that aims to enable our Assumptionites to:

  1. Appreciate the learning of the Mother Tongue Languages as a living languages by providing opportunities for real life application of the knowledge, written and oratorical skills learnt in the classroom.

  2. Be aware of and appreciate our Asian culture and heritage through cultural exposure activities.

  3. Discover and explore their aptitude, strengths, talent and potential in the Mother Tongue Languages.

A series of interesting and meaningful workshops, learning journeys, level assembly programme, exhibition and competitions were planned and carried out for our Assumptionites.

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Opening Ceremony

The 2 week programme kicked off with the opening ceremony whereby the school was introduced to the history, significance and art of Chinese calligraphy. Our very own Assumptionite, You Ruochii from class 3/2, who achieved the 7th position in the Chou Sin Chu National Student Chinese Calligraphy Competition, together with the School Leaders, the Head of Department for Mother Tongue Language and the Subject Head of Chinese Language wrote a spring couplet to express their hopes and wishes for Assumption English School for the year 2017.

Picture A.jpgPicture B.jpg

Click here to find out the English translation for the spring couplets!