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Inter-disciplinary Project Work (IPW)

Inter-disciplinary Project Work with a STEM Approach

Joy in Hands-on Learning

Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) in AES provides authentic learning opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to solve real-world problems.

In addition, IPW provides students an early exposure to STEM-related applied learning and careers and helps to
ignite students’ interest to pursue STEM-related courses in Institutes of Higher Learning, and a career in the STEM-related industries.

On the theme of Connectivity through Music, Secondary One students learn how to assemble a cajon, investigate the properties of sound using data loggers and sound probes by varying the positions of snares inside the cajon and creating rhythms on their cajons. Finally the whole class came together and put up a performance using their
cajons and other instruments.

Watch the music performances for all the Secondary One classes.

Secondary 1/1

Secondary 1/2

Secondary 1/3 

Secondary 1/4

Secondary 1/5

Secondary Two students move on from creating fun music to becoming more responsible users of technology in the theme of Sustainability in the aim of achieve a “car-lite, zero-waste society”.  They use LEGO sets to build prototypes to their car-lite solutions powered by wind energy, decide on the best solution with decision matrices making adjustments using data collected so that their cars can go further or harness more wind energy.

Students who are up for the inventive AES spirit can embrace all these opportunities to truly develop their competencies in collaboration, communication, and critical and inventive thinking.


Students from Class 2/4 testing their prototype to see how far it can go.


Sec 2/5 students posing with their final sail-cars.