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Principal's Message

Mr Benjamin Kwok, Principal

I am thankful to Mrs Mabel Leong for the legacy of a beautiful school campus. There must have been much hard work involved in moving to Queenstown in 2013 so that PRIME and upgrading works can be carried out in the Upper Bukit Timah site. In 2016, the school finally shifted back to its original grounds. I am indeed fortunate to have that part of the work done. So, it is thanks to Mabel.

Besides being thankful, I am also grateful for this opportunity to serve at Assumption English School, a school with a strong mission, rich history and one which also provides a holistic education that will imbue students with sound Monfortian ideals and beliefs. AES is a unique institution that shares its ideals with two other Gabrielite institutions within the same beautiful and expansive compound. There is much to learn and gain from this extended family, for the benefit of all in school.

I look forward to working alongside with the teachers and staff, together with the School Management Committee to bring out the best in our students.


Mr Benjamin Kwok

Labor Omnia Vincit