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School Values



Showing COMPASSION is to do what is required to help those who are in need.
We will :
  • be aware of those that need our help,
  • give our best to help those in need, regardless of race, language or religion,
  • seek to help others to help themselves.


To be HUMBLE is to acknowledge that our achievements result from the contribution and support of others.

We will :
  • give credit to those who have made us successful,
  • obey instructions from authority with a positive attitude,
  • to have the resilience to keep trying and not give up,
  • to strive to improve ourselves.


To show someone RESPECT is to accept and value the person for who they are.

We will :
  • accept and value others for who they are,
  • be considerate of the feelings of others and be able to put ourselves in the shoes of others,
  • be gracious, display good manners and use appropriate language,
  • show that we care.


To have INTEGRITY is to act in a way that is honest and sincere. It is also to have ideals and values and using them to guide our actions in a consistent manner.

We will :
  • have the moral courage to stand up for what is right and to speak the truth,
  • admit it when we are wrong.

Sense of Responsibility

To have a SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY is to know and do what is expected of us.

We will :
  • accept accountability for what we undertake to do,
  • fulfil our duty by doing to the best of our ability,
  • to do what is right and to right what is wrong.

To have TRUST is to believe in the honesty and reliability of self and others. To have TRUST is also to always put our trust in God.

We will :
  • keep to our word and be true to our group or team by fulfilling our commitments,
  • have a healthy sense of self worth by believing in the ability and goodness of God, self and others.