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Aesthetics Education

The aesthetics have an important role in helping students develop awareness of their cultural and social identity, appreciate the diversity of cultures in society and the world and enable them to express their feelings and aspirations.


The school’s aesthetic programme is planned based on a two-tier approach:

Approach for Aesthetics Education




Arts Awareness Programme


The first tier of the approach consists of the Arts Awareness Programme. It aims to expose all students to various art and music forms through assembly programmes and learning journeys. Through these learning opportunities, students will learn and appreciate different art forms and music genres, and how they represent and convey cultural identities.


  • Assembly Programmes (Dance, Drama and Musical Performances)
  • Learning Journeys for Arts Experiential Learning (Drama & Art Exhibition Exposure)




Arts Contribution Programme


The second tier of the approach consists of the Arts Contribution Programme.  This aims to provide school and external platforms for students and CCA groups to develop their artistic skills and showcase their talents, thus contributing to a vibrant arts culture in school and for the community. These opportunities include:


  • AES Has Talent Competition
  • School events (e.g. Fund-raising Gala Dinner and Carnival, Racial Harmony)
  • Participation in cluster schools and organisations’ aesthetic events (e.g. Nanyang Girls’ Festival of Arts, Ngee Ann City’s Music in the City concert)



Students GarageBand Creations

Here are some samples of music made by students using GarageBand during their Music Lessons