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The Humanities curriculum in AES aims to create Assumptionites who will be responsible citizens, critical thinkers and self-directed learners. Inculcation of 21st century skills such as information and civic literacy, and critical and inventive thinking are at the core of the subjects offered, namely History, Geography and Social Studies.


The Humanities discipline is all about developing in students an understanding of themselves and

the world around them. History allows students to learn from the past in preparation for the

future. Geography develops in students an understanding of the complexity of the relationship that

exists between Man and the physical environment. Social Studies brings to the forefront issues that

affect societies around the world.

Humanities teachers are committed to developing students with critical thinking skills that will allow

them to manage ambiguity, in the process of cultivating confident, upright individuals. Students engage

in value-laden lessons which them values such as empathy towards others. They also learn to

view issues from multiple perspectives. Teachers also make use of ICT (Information and

Communication Technology) in their lessons to engage the students and deepen their learning. 


The Humanities Curriculum comprises of the following programmes: