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National School Games 2012

The games have begun!

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is committed to organising National School Games (NSG) with a strong educational focus, as sports play an integral role in students’ holistic development. MOE intends to increase such learning opportunities for students to learn sportsmanship, fair play and experience a healthy pursuit of excellence, as well as nurture strong friendships. (MOE, 2012)


This year, to mark the beginning of NSG, and to reflect the value of sports participation, Assumptionites took the Athlete's Oath at the lead of our school sports leaders:


Close fight, but AES Softball Triumphs!

9 Jul 2012, It was a tough match, but AES Team beats Bukit Batok ....

AES Basketball 'C' Division Teams Trumps Competing Schools in Opening Matches!

9 Jul 2012, The 'C' Division matches have commenced and AES teams win all opening matches. 

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AES Floorball Wins a Game in Each Division

9 Jul 2012, Both the 'C' Boys and 'C' Girls Divisions have won a game in recent matches!

AES Judokas achieves 1 Gold and 4 Bronze in the National Schools Judo Championships

We are delighted to announce that Lim Wan Kee Cassiopeia (3/4) had won the gold medal in the National Schools Judo Individual Championships ('B' Girls Division).

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