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Monfortian Achievers' Program (MAP)

Whats MAP?

The school has launched the Montfortian Achievers Programme (MAP), a character education programme that combines values education with a philosophical underpinning to help our students become socially responsible citizens who are confident decision makers, guided by strong moral compass and CHRIST values. It is a platform where our school’s Philosophy, which believes that “education is a journey of self-discovery”, is transferred to our students.

MAP lessons and assemblies provides our students an opportunity to explore the meaning and purpose of their lives. For example, for our Education and Career Guidance (ECG) lesson, students have to clarify their doubts and consider various viewpoints, before making informed decisions of what they would like to do moving ahead. As Assumptionknights make interactions and discussions with their peers and teachers about matters that they are concerned with, or matters that are happening around them, they learn to understand, celebrate similarities and appreciate differences. These critical teachable moments help our Assumptionknights move closer to our school’s vision of “becoming people of character and learning” and to make decisions for a higher purpose in their lives so that they may in return serve the community.


The MAP package (consisting of the curriculum and learning outcomes) integrates Guidance Modules such as Sexuality Education (SEd), Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Cyber-wellness (CW), National Education, CCE-themed lessons (MOE prescribed and school-based) and Montfortian Education. The package also includes components of, and Pro Social Skills.

These 3 big ideas: Identity, Relationships and Choices, are interconnected and impact one another.

The packages revolve around the 3 big ideas and how they affect one another. Students need to know who they are in order to relate positively with others. The relationships forged shape their identity and influence the choices they make. Making good choices impacts their understanding of the identity and relationships formed.

We, at Assumption English School, are committed to ensuring that both academic excellence and character development are equally important to help our students succeed in life.